What are Hydraulic Powerpacks?

Hydraulic PowerpacksBeing in the hydraulic equipment repair business, we get asked a lot of questions about the various systems, components, and uses of hydraulic equipment. One of the basics is the hydraulic powerpack. So what exactly is that?

Hydraulic powerpacks are stand-alone hydraulic systems that are used to power machinery such as lifts, pumps, presses, and other equipment. Hydraulic powerpacks pump fluid from one place to another to power that separate piece of equipment. They can range in size from something that can be picked up by a couple of guys and transported in a pick-up or van all the way up to an installed piece of machinery that’s stationary and would need a crane to move.

Regardless of size and use, all hydraulic power packs have essentially the same components:

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What you should know about our in-house machine shop

Baystate HydraulicsOver the years that we’ve been in business we’ve built up a pretty solid reputation as a leading hydraulic service and repair facility. There are very few pieces of equipment that we won’t tackle if it’s got a hydraulic system in it. In fact, we can’t think of any.

Still, there are companies out there that rely upon commercial and industrial hydraulic systems to make a living that are tempted to go elsewhere for fast and cheap fixes. Yet the very nature of the work they do means those hydraulics take a beating, day in and day out. That’s why it’s puzzling that they will risk their equipment and livelihood trying to get it repaired on the cheap at some “machine repair shop.”

Perhaps it’s because they don’t understand what it takes to tear down, inspect, diagnose, and repair hydraulic systems. Besides training, expertise, knowledge, and experience, there can be a lot of specialized tools and equipment involved in hydraulic repairs.

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