Hard-to-find oil filters? We got ‘em!

Hard-to-find oil filters? We got ‘em! Tracking down hard-to-find hydraulic oil filters is a commonplace occurrence for us. Customers often have over-worked hydraulic systems that are old, worn, dirty and faded. This can present a challenge to anyone trying to replace an old hydraulic oil filter that may or may not be in stock at most filter suppliers, or worse, no longer available through normal supply chains.

Are you faced with:

  • A unique, hard-to-find hydraulic oil filter?
  • An old or obsolete hydraulic system?
  • A custom system?
  • A filter with the part number worn off or faded?
  • A filter you’ve never seen before?
  • A system without a filter that needs one?

If you’re challenged by any of these problems, we can help. As the area’s leading hydraulic filter specialists, we have access to resources many other suppliers simply don’t have. In some cases, we can even have unique filters manufactured to meet special hydraulic system requirements.

Don’t run the risk of your hydraulic system failing because your current filter is not adequately handling contaminants in your hydraulic oil. We have the area’s widest selection of hydraulic oil filters in stock and ready for delivery – and if we don’t have your special filter, chances are we can get it.

If you’re stuck with a hard-to-find filter, start by supplying us with as much of the following information as possible:

  • The make and model of your machine or hydraulic system
  • The filter application
  • Any part or model number – even a partial
  • If no information is available, provide us with the filter’s dimensions: inside and outside diameters of both ends, the filter height, thread size if known and the inlet and outlet dimensions
  • Clear photos of the filter from as many angles as possible

Stop struggling with hard-to-find hydraulic oil filters. Call or email us today and we’ll track down your filter so you can keep your system working at peak performance.