Bring us your worst and we’ll do our best

hydraulic failuresLet’s be honest. Some hydraulic failures are real monsters. They can strain even the most skilled, experienced, and patient hydraulic repair specialist. Most times the problem is in the pump because that’s the component most subject to wear in a hydraulic system. You probably know all the signs – increased noise, increased heat, erratic cylinder operation, difficulty or inability to develop full output, decreased cylinder speed or hydraulic motor speed, or just plain system failure altogether.

Other times it might be an unusual or exotic hose assembly – some odd metric size, or something. In any case, we might just happen to have a replacement in our inventory or stuck in a drawer somewhere from another repair project. Other times we can scrounge up a replacement product that works or figure out a perfectly suitable work-around that gets you up and running with minimal down-time and expense and without having to resort to a full custom-fabricated assembly.

Every once in a while though, the only answer is a complete custom fabrication to breathe new life into an old hydraulic system or to take care of a problem caused by a truly head-scratching component that’s just not available anywhere. Fortunately, we usually have the equipment, materials, and talent on-hand to be able to come up with a custom hydraulic fabrication that works. It may not be cheap, but if it gets the customer back in business with little lost time, that effort may save a contract and a lot of money in the long run.