Hydraulic System Testing and Repair: It’s All About The Bench

Cylinder benchA cylinder bench is an essential tool for hydraulic system testing and repair – it enables a hydraulic repair facility like ours to test, repair, and maintain well-used and worn-out hydraulic equipment of all sizes, industries, and applications.

A cylinder repair bench is key for the disassembly, diagnosis, repair, lubrication and re-assembly of hydraulic cylinders. A good cylinder bench is the backbone of any cylinder repair project – it can unscrew and pull apart any nut, gland, or tube that would simply be impossible to do by hand.

Cylinder benches come in all length and sizes, depending on the type of hydraulic work a facility does. Ours happens to be a monster – THIRTY FEET long. It sports up to 65,000 lb/ft of torque, enough to handle even the largest jobs in our area. That gives us plenty of capability to deal with cylinders that experience an extreme amount of stress and abuse. And because hydraulic cylinders are designed to take shock loads that can often run into the millions of cycles, it’s absolutely critical to reassemble them precisely and torque them to the specified industry standards to maximize their performance and lifetime, considering the tough life most hydraulic systems have.

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